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by Demeris at 7:50 PM
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Sorry I wasn't made aware of the server being down till this evening. All is corrected and server is functional again.

Sorry for any inconvenience
by Demeris at 12:46 AM
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Only 6 more days remain in our November promotion for the Darkcraft Unleashed Technic server where you can get Free Access For Life If you log on to the server any time during the month of November. So get in while you can. You can find out how to play our Technic Server at the following link:


Remember that come December 1st this promotion ends and any new players who logs on from that point will only have the 30 day trial membership and will have to donate to get full access. However this is a One Time Donation and will give that player free access for life after that donation is made.
by Penguinchao at 2:21 AM
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EDIT: There was a slight hiccup with the map removal. I unloaded it, but didn't remove it from the config, so when someone tried to go there, it reloaded instead of blocking them. The map has been actually removed now.

As many of you know, the old map was set to be unloaded tonight. The original announcement was a while ago, so I've decided to extend the deadline for getting all your stuff to the new world until Friday of next week. The map in its current state has been saved and is available for download here. You are now encouraged to break apart all of your builds with expensive blocks without fear of them being messed up on the final save. :) I want to reemphasize that only the old, main survival world will be going away. The current Nether and End are not going anywhere.
by Demeris at 4:38 PM
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The celebration of Thanksgiving! It's an American tradition and likely even if your not American you know what Thanksgiving is.


Even though most people just stuff their face with turkey and potatoes and scream at the Thanksgiving day football game on TV, the holiday is to celebrate and give thanks to the Native Americans who helped our settlers stay alive when we first got here.

Darkcraft will be celebrating thanksgiving for the month of November by making Darkcraft Unleashed open membership for the entire month. Does that mean you will only have access for that month and then have to pay? NO! Here's how it works.

From Nov 1st to (and including) Nov 30th, anyone who logs into the DC Unleashed technic server will have automatic full membership that will last forever. After Nov 30th anyone who has not logged in...
by Penguinchao at 1:13 AM
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So as I'm sure we all know, 1.8 is now out and full of fun features. I want to let you all know that I'm working on getting us up to date asap, and I'm going to keep a progress list here so you aren't in the dark as to what needs doing :)

On another note, I know that the normal ways to get DP are broken; I can't find a compatible plugin that lets us send kits for DP, but fixing the kit plugin and votifier are on my shortlist (right with making sure there's no more plugin issues and updating the servers). For the time being, and probably after they work too, some of the other staff and I are going to periodically and randomly give large sums of DP to everyone online, and if you vote, send me a PM and I'll send you some DP. :)


1.8 version available
No 1.8 specific version available, but it'll possibly still work
No 1.8 compatible version available

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