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  3. Looking for the DarkSkies server IP? It's mc.darkcraft.org:8379!
  4. Additional to our Vanilla server, try out our new Darkcraft Unleashed technic server featuring our own custom Modpack! goto our wiki to learn more. Or go Here to learn how to setup the pack


by Penguinchao at 1:13 AM
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So as I'm sure we all know, 1.8 is now out and full of fun features. I want to let you all know that I'm working on getting us up to date asap, and I'm going to keep a progress list here so you aren't in the dark as to what needs doing :)

On another note, I know that the normal ways to get DP are broken; I can't find a compatible plugin that lets us send kits for DP, but fixing the kit plugin and votifier are on my shortlist (right with making sure there's no more plugin issues and updating the servers). For the time being, and probably after they work too, some of the other staff and I are going to periodically and randomly give large sums of DP to everyone online, and if you vote, send me a PM and I'll send you some DP. :)


1.8 version available
No 1.8 specific version available, but it'll possibly still work
No 1.8 compatible version available

Survival Plugins:
  • Main Bukkit...
by boldr at 8:34 PM
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As most of you know, Darkcraft has been going down a lot lately and we sort of know the problem. We've been able to fix it for about a day, but cannot seem to find the problem out why it doesn't last. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

You're allowed to go on Darkskies though :)
by Demeris at 12:06 PM
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Our new Technic mod pack is here! Darkcraft Unleashed!!!!!!!!!


Unleashed is our latest server using the Technic platform to bring you a custom pack built by us for you! It has many additions to take your minecraft experience to the next level! Simply go to http://darkcraft.org/threads/how-to-play-darkcraft-unleashed.2047/ to see how to get the client and behold the power!

Please also visit the wiki page here to get a full list of the mods: http://darkcraft.org/wiki/Darkcraft_Unleashed(Technic_Pack)

So what does it have to offer? Well to start many new biomes with all new blocks and nature!



even go to the moon and mars!

build beautiful cities using new fancier blocks!

Unleash the power of redstone and use powerful machines...
by Hectichopper at 12:20 AM
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Now that it is the passed the 1st of August, all members have access to the following commands for free!

/hat - Wear the block in your hand on your head.
/return - Returns you to the last location you teleported from, even after death!
/workbench - A portable workbench that can be opened anywhere - no need for an actual workbench!


/call <player> - send a teleport request to another player.

Thank you DarkCraftians! and enjoy!!!
by CailenVautour at 1:17 AM
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Hello Darkcraftians. I have a lot of server announcements to make all at once. I could not explain one without explaining the other's so without further ado!!! You've heard rumors... whispers with a question... here is the answer located on our wiki!!!


YES! We're proud to announce our MMORPG Server: DarkEmpire, and our TECHNIC Server: DarkCraft Unleashed COMING SOON!!! So many people have helped and contributed to making these two servers available. LevouOyoto and Hectichopper have been working tirelessly creating the DarkEmpire world, and Demeris has created a custom Technic modpack for DarkCraft Unleashed that is totally unique to DarkCraft. The Lead Moderators will be announcing their separate release information soon!

A Staff Change. With the new servers and a division of our staff we are announcing a new Moderator...