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by Demeris at 8:09 PM
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As you know the name change thing kinda blindsided us as well as most plugin developers out there. For the most part we have gotten most of the plugins up to code on this except for a few. One of the most critical being deadbolt which locks up our stuff.

As of this evening this should no longer be a problem. Until we find some other plugin in the future to replace deadbolt I've written a small plugin that runs along side it. If you have changed your name and want all your signs back all you need to do now is SHIFT(SNEAK)+RIGHT CLICK the sign that belongs to your previous name. The plugin will look up your UUID and find all the names you used to be. It will then check that to the name of the Owner on the sign and if it finds that owner name in your name history, it will automatically switch it to your name.

again that's SHIFT(SNEAK)+RIGHTCLICK on the SIGN.

by Demeris at 9:03 AM
(246 Views / 2 Likes)
Mojang has started to allow the name changes as of February 4th. As some of our players have discovered already some of our plugins rely on your name to work correctly. Apparently developers are going to have to get hot on using the player UUID instead of the name.

What's this mean for you? If you change your name, things like deadbolt, your packs, or even perhaps the permissions system itself may not recognize you and you'll basically be locked out of your stuff. We are already on top of the problem on what we can do to fix this for players who have already changed their names. If you have not changed your name yet I would suggest you don't yet until we have an active fix or the plugins have updated to correct this problem. Keep in mind if you change your name you cannot change it again for 30 days, so you wont be able to get your old name back for a month.

This problem even more severely effects players of the Unleashed server because it's using 1.6.4 which predates the UUID...
by Darq at 2:47 AM
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Our server had both of its hard disks replaced today as one had failed back in 2014 and the other that we were operating on was beginning to have have its own issues. The issues were noticed before there was any full drive failure. We restored backups of everything on to 2 brand new 2tb disks in raid1 and a freshly installed version of Debian 7.8 Wheezy. During the restore the survival server underwent a handful of updates that made it compatible with 1.8 clients (with no 1.8 blocks or items yet). This is temporary and we are working on the real update to 1.8 for the survival server right now!

I want to clear up where we stand on Mojang's EULA. For those who don't know, the EULA put forth by Mojang means that anyone running a Minecraft server has accepted the EULA and agrees that they will not sell any individual part of the game itself (be it items, commands, or land area) that would give a player an advantage...
by Darq at 8:22 PM
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All servers are back online!

Hey guys, the server backup restoration is still underway . Just completed restoring the website and it appears (so far) that everything is running properly. Please respond here if there's any out of the ordinary issues.

The Skyblock, Survival, and Unleashed servers will be brought up next, starting with the Survival server. It should take no more than an extra hour to be running if all things go smoothly.

Thanks for holding in there!
by Demeris at 7:10 AM
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As you may of noticed there was a some hard lag that stretched over the period of about a day or so. This was due to archiving going on in the background I was previously unaware of. Hopefully it should be over now, if not please bare with us while archiving is completed.