1. The site has been moved to a new location (within the same datacenter). If you have any viewing issues, you may need to refresh your browser's cache.

    If you're having any issues connecting to our servers, make sure you're using the correct IP address for:

    • Survival 1.7: mc.darkcraft.org
    • Unleashed (Technic) 1.6.4: unleashed.darkcraft.org
    • DarkSkies (SkyBlock) 1.7: darkskies.darkcraft.org
  2. Want to join our Mumble server? Connect using voip.darkcraft.org and the port 64738! For more info, click here.
  3. Additional to our Vanilla server, try out our new Darkcraft Unleashed technic server featuring our own custom Modpack! goto our wiki to learn more. Or go Here to learn how to setup the pack