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by Penguinchao at 11:03 PM
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We are proud to unveil DarkCraft's new skyblock server, DarkSkies (Beta)!

What is Skyblock?
Skyblock is a challenge-oriented variant of survival. In normal Minecraft, you start in a vast world will an immense amount of resources that just need to be collected, but in skyblock you need to make your own resources. You start out on an island with a small patch of land and limited vegetation, and with these, you create farms, cobblestone generators, and fields. Extra, unwanted resources like cobblestone are traded to the server for coins, and these coins are used to buy items that do not come on the island and nonrenewable resources. There is a set of challenges that you are recommended to complete, and each challenge gives you rewards that help you gain more resources and more wealth. If you are unfamiliar with skyblock, check out this tutorial.
Will there be an Economy?
Yes. The...
by LevouOyoto at 9:15 PM
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As you may have heard, Mojang has changed the way server administrators can charge players for access to certain game features. While many server owners are upset about these changes, we couldn't be more excited. We feel this change will cause many of the predatory servers to shut down, and ultimately improve the overall MineCraft playing experience. In the meantime we have lots of exciting changes in store here at DarkCraft, and our hope is that lots of now server-less players will come join our DarkCraftian family.

Because of the new rules, we will be no longer be selling DarkPoints (DP) starting August 1. After August 1, you will be able to earn DP by:
  • Voting for the server (5 DP per vote)
  • Playing on...
by Demeris at 10:26 PM
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Darkcraft is getting better. As you might HAVE* noticed we are actively working to correct all the problems that have been plaguing our system. Some of which were recently corrected by the removal of the 'bungee' plugin that was breaking alot of things and generally wrecking up the place.

We plan to continue to do more fixes that will stabilize our worlds and make them even better for you the player. However some of these changes require we remove some aging plugins we've relied on in the past to get stuff done. This may cause some initial problems but once complete the renovations will be fully stable and no more will there be broken permissions, lost history data on block changes, and so fourth.

One of the most immediate changes is we are soon to be replacing log block. Our anti-grief system that we use to find out who did damage to you and fix it. This is a change for the better as we are moving to Prism. It's a world change logging tool so good, the NSA stole its name!...
by Demeris at 7:43 PM
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Darkcraft has been going for some time now and has never had a story! What you say? No lore?! How can that be with a name like Darkcraft?! It surely inspires lots of images in ones head of tales of intrigue. But which ones? Well we wanna know!

What kind of lore or story do you picture when you play Darkcraft? Do you see mad scientists roaming the world doing horrible experiments on the local inhabitants? Do you see lost players cast into a harsh world trying to make a life? Perhaps some brave defenders of justice? Maybe just a bunch of people with more time on their hands then they should legally be allowed to have.. Who knows but we'd love to read it!

Our plan here is to try and find an actual story for Darkcraft to give the server more form. Now for some guidelines. We're not trying to do any creative cock blocking. That is we don't want to make anyone's builds against the server lore, or force anyone to build in a certain theme or genre(except for the established rules of...
by Penguinchao at 7:39 PM
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The inventory bug mentioned in this announcement has been fixed! The old world has been patched up and reintroduced to the server. If you have lost anything during the wipes, please let a staff member know what was lost, and we will try to make you whole again. :heart: The old world should not be terminally ill at all now :) I do recommend moving stuff over to the new map for safe keeping, but you are not under the stress of time anymore :)

A Side note: The Premium Store's URL has changed, so if you go to a bookmark and get a 404, you have to rebookmark it as the page in the navigation.

Happy Crafting!