Terms and rules

User Agreement and Terms

In the following the term "Game" refers to Minecraft, created by Mojang. The term "User" is to apply to any person or persons who have signed applied to be members of the Darkcraft website and multiplayer server for the game Minecraft. The term "Server" shall be used to describe the multiplayer server and the software currently running on it for these purposes. The term "Moderator" is to refer to the entire staff of Darkcraft.

Statement of nature of the Server
In respects to the name Darkcraft the Server supplies a multiplayer world for the Game with minor changes to its natural or "Vanilla" state for free to the User. These changes include but are not limited to the use of warps, a single warp to a home, and "anti-grief" changes to prevent explosions. Other "Premium" services are also provided at cost to the User.
The Server has posted on its website a list of Rules (available here). These rules shall be followed at all times without exception. Failure to comply with the rules at any time will result in action taken against the User by the Moderators which can range from verbal warning to being banned from the Server for an appropriate time as decided by the Moderator involved in the action.
Premium Service
Premium Services are purchased in two steps. "DarkPoints" is the currency used to buy a range of in-game perks. These perks (unless explicitly implied otherwise) are tied to the purchasers account forever. Users are not compelled to or required to purchase Premium Services and may play the game "as is" under the "Statement of Nature of the Server" without cost.
Banning and Appeals to Bans
A User shall be banned from the Server if deemed appropriate by a Moderator for an offence against the Rules. This ban can be applied to any User at any time if it is appropriate for the offence in question.

A User may appeal a ban if either (1.) they feel it was undue or, (2.) request it be lifted because they shall not commit the same offence again. These appeals will be considered by the all Moderators and the bans shall be lifted or remain depending on the nature of the offence and perceived likelihood the User would commit the offence again.

If the User has paid for Premium Services and his account is banned for a temporary period of time these services shall remain, but will be unusable during this time and any usage cycles forfeit. However, if his account is banned permanently and appeal is denied then all Premium Services and their monetary cost to the User are forfeit.

This agreement is subject to change at any time as seen fit by the Darkcraft upper staff. Notifications of changes will be posted on the website with the time in which they take effect.