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    And it's gone...

    And it's gone...
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    The server is on again !

    The server is on again !
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    The dumbest death you had on the server!

    The name says it all... I'l go first : I had just dug a deep hole straight down to get iron , I get back to the original entry point by diging a stairwell from bedrock . I see a creeper, I get scared , and promptly fall down the hole I just dug to bedrock.
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    League of Legends

    If possible , then add me : Maxiclean
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    From Windows 8 back to windows 7 !

    As I might be buying new Pc soon ( Asus g75vx ) , and as I am more and more disconcerted by the fonctions of windows 8( no start menu ,apps, tablet interface) ,I am looking for some advice on the matter. What are my legal options (as in ,no jail breaking), if there are any , to downgrade a...
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    Exams tomorrow ... FUCK!

    Exams tomorrow ... FUCK!
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    Guess the Picture

    Number 3 is an eye of ender!
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    Python tutorial !

    Hey everybody! I know that there are a few programmers amongst us , so I wanted to ask if anyone knows of an online Python tutorial for someone with next to no experience with code . I mean something that starts at the very basics of the language. Thank you .
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    A Bit Annoyed

    Me too... and I never remember having this problem on the old map, only recently! But as we seem to be the only ones posting about it maybe the issue is with us and not Economy...
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    47 times I went on wikipedia to look up 47...