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    For Sale House near spawn

    Just a small house that I've had for a while, not had much use for it so might as well sell it on Comes with a mine, horse stables and a nice bit of surrounding land Start price: 20D Min bid increase: 5D Ends: 36 hours after last bid
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    Buying quartz!

    Basically just need loads of quartz, message down below how much your selling and for what price. OR you can private message me on the fourms or simple message me when I'm on
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    New endfarm

    So since the launch of the new end map myself and superams have been working hard to build a new endfarm, we are proud to announce that it is now open and you can buy access for the prices that follow Single membership - 100D Double membership - 180D Triple membership - 250D We now do day...
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    Cailen memorial statue??

    So I'm guessing you guys heard the sad new about cailen leaving.... :( I think it's fair we build something in memory of him after all he has given an awful lot to this server... I suggest a statue of cailen with a garden area surrounding it... If you any of you can build statues then please let...
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    Skyscraper, Plane, Sheep farm and a farm

    Great Place to buy if you want to expand plenty of unclaimed water around the build Around 100 sheep and 40 cows in a farm about 75 blocks from the skyscraper (paved all the way) Start price 20D Min bid 5D Ends When I say :D
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    Town on new map

    So guys I am debating whether to make a town on the new map and if I do I would like you guys to decide what to put in the town, were it should be built etc... So I have had a few ideas myself they include having 3 sized plots medium, large and supersized. I would also do many compotation's...
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    Small moder house in the middle of no were :D

    Start price 5d Min bid increase 2d Ends 12 hours after last bid Has semi secret room underneath with a mine Has a sheep farm and 1 horse stable Room to expand
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    Stone building near spawn with horse stabels

    Start price 10d Min bid increase 5d Ends 12 hours after last bid Good size Good location for shop
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    Sandstone shop near spawn

    Start price 10d min bid increase 5d ends 12 hours after last bid Sandstone building Quartz floor black wool roof room to expand on top as it has stair case X -472 Z 0
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    Big house with diamond ore staircase for sale

    20 diamond ore in the staircase 500 blocks from spawn and near great shops!! Horse stables Start bid 20d Min bid increase 5d chests not included
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    I can make planes for u

    I am now making either a private jet or a passenger plane. Restrictions I can only make it a maximum of 10 blocks of the floor. Price: Private jet and you supply the resources=1500 Private jet I supply resources=3000 Passenger plane and you supply the resources=2000 Passenger plane and I supply...
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    Stone brick house in village along spawn road for sale

    800 blocks from spawn Fully furnished with chests!!!! Start price 5 diamonds Min bid increase 1 diamonds Ends 12 hours after last bid!!!
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    horses for sale!!!!

    Price 175 coins each or 2 for 300 Colour: Black and white or White
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    2 story stone house with over 10 horse stable for sale at reasonable price.

    Selling for dp but will accept cash but will be more expensive Mob proof 12 horse stables fireplace 950 blocks away from spawn easy to get to Start price of 14 diamond or 1400 cash bid increase min = 100