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  1. Azbrood

    Private sign bug

    So I noticed a problem with private signs on double chests and hoppers trying to drop into them. It doesn't work! The hoppers don't drop items into private double chests.
  2. Azbrood

    Economy fix

    Ok so I have been toying with figures for the economy and noticed something that bothers me since I'm a shop owner or soon to be once mine opens up again. The economy should be a measure of exchange of goods from one to another. So here is my recommendations... Remove all farmables from the DP...
  3. Azbrood

    Shop sign bug?

    I used the deposit from the shop sign. it says there are about 90 stacks in the chests but if I look in them I only see 33 stacks. I deposited almost 2 dcs of the item through the shop sign. I don't know whats going on
  4. Azbrood

    The town and mall of the New south warp; New Eden

    The Mall is complete after conception and construction that took 8 months the largest mall ever on Darkcraft is now complete and ready for tenant shops. Twenty of the 120 outlet shops are available for the first batch to be rented. Their Price each is $1,000 or 10 Diamonds. How do you rent on a...
  5. Azbrood

    Server status: Offline

    Seems the server crashed about midnight. Is someone working on getting it back up tonight?
  6. Azbrood

    Version 1.6.4?????????

    I had some problems with minecraft so I uninstalled and reinstalled it though it came back as 1.6.4 now I can't get on the server since it is 1.6.2!! :(
  7. Azbrood

    Sold First unit at The West Marketplace available!!!

    After a long two months of redesigning my shop, leveling out land for the marketplace, and deciding what route I should take in terms of use of the land. I knew what I wanted the market to look like but realized that if I allowed people to build whatever kind of structures it would end up random...
  8. Azbrood

    Azbrood's Shop

    For those that have not seen it yet my shop has had a makeover. It no longer resembles a country cottage but now appears as a downtown office building!!! My shop has two sales floors accessable by two lifts at both ends of the shop. Stop by, take a look, buy something you need or sell me...
  9. Azbrood

    Azbrood's Shop

    My shop on the west road is open! it is located at x -263 and z 7 it is the first shop on the left. I offer great deals on everything i sell. I also buy items for half my sell price unless I am selling something for a penny!