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  1. AnimeAnnemarie

    DarkCraft Discord! Join today!

    Not sure why we didn't think of this sooner; either way, there is now an official Discord server to make it easier for us all to communicate and connect with one another :) Join by clicking right here: Let me know once you join so I can give you an appropriate role...
  2. AnimeAnnemarie

    Unbanned BeniorBentia, CheezeSalza

    Which rule was broken: Community 13, 15, Creations 1, 6. Duration of ban: A day. Other parties involved: GELeto2, pokemonking81, possibly more Extra info: You've had your warning, you acted all innocent, and yet here we are. This duo comes online together and sets homes on property they were not...
  3. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal people557

    Which rule was broken: Community 2, 3, 13, 15, 18, Creations 1, 2, 6. Duration of ban: until our rules are properly understood and an appeal is made. Other parties involved: GELeto2, ApolloHeleon Extra info: Came on, started insulting and swearing at GEL for no reason (GEL will try to upload...
  4. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal Syndicadeproject, GeeWizz

    Which rule was broken: Community 2, 5 and 11 and creations 1. Duration of ban: I'm in a good mood. If you can convince me with a nice apology, it won't be for eternity. Other parties involved: Unsure Extra info: Came online and these two were unresponsive. Only after me explicitly stating that I...
  5. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - No Appeal Rose_Ninja_76, xNecron, RedSpider13, Revolver_66, Byggare_Anton

    Which rule was broken: General 2, community 5 and creations 1 and 5. Duration of ban: For eternity. Other parties involved: hunttenckhoff123 and possibly more people. Extra info: Just a plain ol' griefer/hacker team. Spent about an hour on the server, just flying around and destroying things...
  6. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal awesom365

    Which rule was broken: Creations 1, possibly 2. Duration of ban: Until he tells me he understands how this server works. Other parties involved: Me, and everyone who built a place that comes before my shop on north spawn road. Potentially even more. Extra info: @Demeris can I have a global...
  7. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal YogurtBoy

    Which rule was broken: Creations 1, 5, General 2, Community 5 Duration of ban: Until you prove that you really want to play here. Other parties involved: Olivia_Nicole_44 and possibly more. Extra info: Logged on and didn't talk. When I went to check, he was breaking all kinds of things that...
  8. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal ScarHD, BrokenPiecesHD

    Which rule was broken: General 2, Creations 1, 2 and 5 Duration of ban: Until you ask nicely. So probably never <3 Other parties involved: dizzyuluru, Roog77, maybe more Extra info: Griefed their house, farm, just entire base to hell. @Demeris @Penguinchao @Darq gonna need a global rollback on...
  9. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal KillingHD,TactiXarts, DrDeno0, ItzTheJ0nix_HD, iTzRodexFlamePvP, TactiXPlays, Pho3nix100

    Who was banned: KillingHD,TactiXarts, DrDeno0, ItzTheJ0nix_HD, iTzRodexFlamePvP, TactiXPlays, Pho3nix100 Which rule was broken: Creations #1 grief Duration of ban: Permanent until they ask nicely. Other parties involved: Brosyd, 64nut Extra info: Griefed a shitton of stuff. Didn't stop when...
  10. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal Tyjoe12

    Which rule was broken: Community 1, 4 Duration of ban: Until pigs fly. Unless you can convince me otherwise. Other parties involved: Everyone reading chat. Extra info: Was spamming server IP's. Whoopsie daisies. We don't allow that crap here. Guess you didn't plan on playing here either. See ya...
  11. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal KraceCrafterHD

    Which rule was broken: Community 2, 3 and 5 Other parties involved: Me Extra info: Come online, only spoke German. Nothing wrong with that. I asked him to speak English, since the server is English. He responded with 'that's not my problem.' He logged off and on again, later. He kept asking me...
  12. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal OfficialYellow10

    Which rule was broken: Community 2, 3, 5 Other parties involved: Yours truly Extra info: Logged on for the first time, natrually I said welcome. I was greeted with an insult. I explained that saying that kind of stuff, especially to a moderator, would get him banned. He did it again. I said this...
  13. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - No Appeal Sassoh, Huntar_, _Riky, _Rago, Breezer89 and giul22_

    Which rule was broken: Like, every one of them. Other parties involved: Everyone who has a place on south road within 500 blocks away from spawn. Extra info: Placed blocks super high in a matter of seconds according to logblock, had seemingly infinite amounts of lava buckets judging from the...
  14. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal DunkinPVP

    Which rule was broken: Griefing, possibly hacks. Other parties involved: Blobfish88 and Pist3 at least. Extra info: Griefed around Blob's land, and broke some of the diamond blocks of Pist3's mansion on the same spawn road. Also seemed to have griefed super high up where there are no lifts or...
  15. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal Breyse45, stick7hands

    The two were running along spawn road together. For some reason admitted to hacks. Didn't leave property when requested, broke into someone else's house and claimed it as their own, didn't stop when I told them to and griefed tons of shit. I got screenshots of most of it, but I'm in a hurry...
  16. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - No Appeal DiamondCraft212, Lukas12137

    Which rule was broken: They claim to be a griefer team. Need any more? Other parties involved: Pist3 Extra info: These 2 kids, obviously the coolest at primary school, are a griefer team called 'Ateam!' They were soooooo cewl sweg360noscope420blazeit and griefed Pist3's house. Obviously never...
  17. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - Possible Appeal Zeldacraftlan

    Which rule was broken: Grief Other parties involved: Everyone Extra info: Creative spawn, nuff said, Demeris fix please. If you eve wanna play here again, which I doubt, appeal. And it better be a dang good one. Screenshots/coords:
  18. AnimeAnnemarie

    Unbanned Beto3D

    Which rule was broken: Creations 1 Other parties involved: Pist3 Extra info: Broke his ^ diamond blocks. The ones with 'don't break these diamond blocks, you'll be banned' on a sign next to them. Then proceeded to build a house across the road from the crime scene. Genius. I'm also questioning...
  19. AnimeAnnemarie

    Unbanned pbandj2002

    Which rule was broken: Creations 1, 5 Other parties involved: blobfish88, Captain_Dynamic and probably others Extra info: Griefed quite a bit along east spawn road. Definitely not a single offense as he deliberately broke through blockades, ignored signs and went into several different buildings...
  20. AnimeAnnemarie

    Permanent - No Appeal MrIsaiah

    Which rule was broken: that one that's like 'yo don't break shit that's not yours' Other parties involved: everyone that would like to play in creative Extra info: made creative spawn like 60% gone with TNT and what not. Screenshots/coords: