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  1. Orgjunior

    Is anyone still alive on this server?

    And if so, when do you all play?
  2. Orgjunior

    Sold A sh**ty mix of blocks on a river

    It may sound nice but it's shitty. So it's on a river as you heard. I has like some shitty stocks that it stands on, I currently live inside it, but not for long... You bid, biggest offer = sold... Now it has a shitty farm outside, it has shitty mooshrooms outside too. It has a not - so shitty...
  3. Orgjunior

    Tall wooden house in Area 51

    Location: A nice town called Area 51 Starting Bid: You decide Extra Information/Description: It has 3 floors, a nice little spiral staircase in the middle; it's unfurnished, and it took me lots of wood and lots of money to build... Screenshots:
  4. Orgjunior

    Random original meme thread

    I did this smalll lil comic