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Since every player prefers a different kind of thing in minecraft he/she likes, we should also not focus on 1 single kind of event, like only mob arenas, only pvp arenas etc.

Some players like coöperative events, some like doing stuff on their own, some want to figure stuff out as they go, some want to have the challenge of doing something that requires a difficult skill. (Defeat boldr in daimond armor with a brick or build me a japanese style ish house, with only the blocks found in an area 50 blocks around you)

And add prizes to them so its actually worth for non active members to maybe come back and do stuff here. Events are fun, but no real life events games etc are held without prizes.

So PVP, Mob arenas, Building battles, Races, Parkour etc.
For every idea get some simple thoughts together. We should not need plugins for stuff we could easally make ourselves, plus some other things might slow down because of it. (*cough* update to 1.8 *cough*)

So lets kick it of.

- Could be anything really, from single duals in a tournament, to teamfighting castle defenses.

Mob arena:
- Already mentioned by someone else, different degrees on the difficulty whatever you can come up with.

Building battles:
- Give an X ammount of players the task of building something under some surcomstance, like the example I gave above. Best one wins.

- This is not the kind of event I need to explane all that much, or I hope so....

- There are tons of ways to get from one place to another, but the most fun is to do it with certain limits. Enderpearl parkour, only step on wooden blocks etc.

Any thoughts?


Any thoughts?
We'd need a Hierarchy of leaders to assemble it all together with the proper powers and rules behind each event.

For our server it's not entirely about getting people, it's about keeping them. A standard survival is good for a few people, but it has nothing to keep a person from playing single player, when it's nearly the same and cannot get griefed.

This brings up a point of, continual small events and some large ones.

All out or get out.