Announcing Darkcraft Unleashed!


Lord of the Pants
Our new Technic mod pack is here! Darkcraft Unleashed!!!!!!!!!

Unleashed is our latest server using the Technic platform to bring you a custom pack built by us for you! It has many additions to take your minecraft experience to the next level! Simply go to to see how to get the client and behold the power!

Please also visit the wiki page here to get a full list of the mods:

So what does it have to offer? Well to start many new biomes with all new blocks and nature!

even go to the moon and mars!

build beautiful cities using new fancier blocks!

Unleash the power of redstone and use powerful machines to streamline everything!

and make ultra strong armor to defend from the hordes!


Yeah. Btw, I borrowed our powerfist to test it and was on my way to return it when the server went down.


already up? this is really bad. server down for a long time and not even 1 announcement from the mods nor even a solution :S


Lord of the Pants
it looks like everything is down. not just one.. its likely the data center itself. not any one console. hopefully soon