Permanent - Possible Appeal awesom365


Head Moderator
Which rule was broken: Creations 1, possibly 2.
Duration of ban: Until he tells me he understands how this server works.
Other parties involved: Me, and everyone who built a place that comes before my shop on north spawn road. Potentially even more.
Extra info: @Demeris can I have a global rollback on this kid, please? Pretty much went along north spawn road and griefed every place he could find. I went to his house, and it seems he put all his stolen goods to use. Sorry kiddo, but that's not how it works here. You earn your stuff by playing fair. Also, this wasn't just break and enter to steal one diamond block. This was pure ravaging. And this isn't the amount that you carry at once either, you must have made several trips, and who knows how many times you've done this now. Some of it was also senseless breaking, like my stained glass (you can't pick that up, so that was done purely to destroy.) and it's pretty obvious to me that you don't come on our server to play nicely here. If you want to show me otherwise, convince me by making a very good appeal.
Screenshots/coords: 2015-06-08_19.58.35.png 2015-06-08_19.58.25.png 2015-06-08_19.59.32.png 2015-06-08_19.59.53.png 2015-06-08_20.00.02.png 2015-06-08_20.00.17.png