Bakersfield and Oildale


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It occurred to me that many of you have probably heard of Bakersfield, CA and Oildale, because it gets brought up every now and then in the nation (Kevin McCarthy is from here, KoRn and Buck Owens are both from here, Gabriel Iglesias got his big break here, etc.), but I don't think anyone has ever really put the stuff together for the people who aren't from the area. Help me out here Camk48 and joonxk ;)

Now mind you, everything below happened biking distance from each other

You may have seen..

You may have read...
The Semen Cupcake story
The Bear that crashed a graduation

The Remote amputation (1000ft) from a demolition
The U-Haul completely filled with drugs

The 'love-sick' doctor who died being santa
The school that announced who wasn't graduating
The Condor we let loose (oops)

But this video Cam showed me pretty much sums it up