Unbanned BeniorBentia, CheezeSalza


Head Moderator
Which rule was broken: Community 13, 15, Creations 1, 6.
Duration of ban: A day.
Other parties involved: GELeto2, pokemonking81, possibly more
Extra info: You've had your warning, you acted all innocent, and yet here we are. This duo comes online together and sets homes on property they were not invited to, builds sky needles, and threatens (and seemingly attempts) to set something on fire/blow it up. The way they behave is not appropriate; remember that Minecraft has younger players as well. This is in the rules, and we expect you to take the young'uns into consideration. In addition, you were caught using hacks before, and although you turned them off, you did continue to break other rules. Let's hope a day off wakes you up.
Screenshots/coords: In addition to those I'll show below, GEL will add some screenshots.
benicheez1.png benicheez2.png benicheez3.png benicheez4.png benicheez5.png benicheez6.png benicheez7.png


I personally sent them both the link to the Rules page the first time I caught them breaking the rules. They claimed ignorance then, so no excuse now. If griefing the work of others is your idea of a boredom cure, please look elsewhere guys. Thanks.

Caution: Bad language in #3.
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