Closure of Survival 1.8 & Forgotten Worlds


Today marks the final day of the DarkCraft 1.8 Survival and Forgotten Worlds servers. To those of you that are still around and interested in what lies ahead for DarkCraft in the future, I unfortunately have little to say right now.

The website will remain active to keep the memories alive, at the very least. The DarkCraft 1.12 server will remain online as long as @Demeris wishes.

One day I may once again get the Minecraft itch and wish to host another server - if that happens, DarkCraft will likely be its home.

The Survival world files are available for download here:

Sorry to everyone that's sad to see the server shut down. This was a difficult decision to make, one I've been struggling with (probably more than was necessary) for at least 2 years.

Wishing everyone the best -- thanks for all the memories, and hopefully we'll meet again soon!
This bums me out. Used to play this server back in the day. Just got back into Minecraft and this was my first server idea. RIP


^that is me. I hope you all (that are of age...) join me in a toast to the server. I will open this beer I was saving. :) I know I was late on the uptick, but better late than never right?

<3 the memories everyone


Former Moderator
Hey Guys! Long time no talk haha
@Darq Thank you for everything, dude. TBH I met some amazing people on this server. It's been well over 7 years now, and I don't talk to anybody from 7 years ago except for people that I've met here (Penguinchao, Crushed_Can, Camk48, Demeris, Policide, and Tekenmyr). @Darq, you provided this opportunity to meet great people, and I truly appreciate that you are at the very least trying to keep these forums up. I don't visit very often, but I do love digging up the past here. This server holds very many great memories for me, and I truly did enjoy every last minute of it.


Thanks for all the memories guys, It really was awesome growing up playing on this server.
I learned a lot of valuable life lessons on this server, thanks especially to the Demeris, PenguinChao, AnimeAnnemarie and Darq for all the effort you guys put in over the years :)


This is deserving of one mighty F. It's crazy thinking that I started playing on this server when I was leaving middle school and now I just graduated from college. While I've definitely been more taken by modded Minecraft the last few years, I have not been part of a community as great as this one since I stopped playing as much. It was great playing with you all and I wish you well :)