Dai Winhi


Head Moderator
The last couple of weeks I have been working on my town, but now, I am glad to announce that Dai Winhi is hereby officially open for plot sale!

Of course, all the server rules apply here; respect moderators or mayors, do not cross the borders of your plot, don't steal, etcetera.

What might be different from other towns is our plot system. First of all, residents get divided in two groups: there's the regular citizens and the elite citizens. Elite citizens will get slightly bigger plots, and, as long as there is still space, a plot on the FlyingIsle. The FlyingIsle is a giant flying disk, held up and controlled by huge burners. It's currently positioned above the center of Dai Winhi.

What also stands out are our plot costs, and this might be important for people that want to join:
There are no standard plot sizes or prices.
What happens, is that a mayor lets you pick a nice spot, and you then pay him/her. The mayor will then fence off a plot for you depending on how much you have paid.

One other important thing is that I originally intended Dai Winhi to be steampunk-styled. Of course it will be impossible for everyone to stick to stick to this theme, but don't stray away from it too much either.

Other than that, we have the standard public farm, for both animals and crops, and all we ask you is to replant. We even provide breeding crops, bonemeal and hoes.

It's located far from other builds, almost in the far South-East corner. To get there quick, use the warp. (/warp daiwinhi)

Below here I will include a couple of screenshots. Hope to see you sign up at the registration office soon!


Ps. If you're wondering what Dai Winhi means, it's the firs letters of the words: 'I Have No Idea What I Am Doing' backwards. :p
PPs. It's pronounced 'Die Win-hee'