Darkcraft 1.14 is here!!!!


Lord of the Pants
Hey folks! Miss me?!?!

Well I'm back and in a big way! I've setup an Unofficial Darkcraft 1.12.2 1.14 world for everyone to enjoy!

You may say "Well Holy Handgrenades Batman! It's about time! How do I play?!"

Well that's easy! The server address is darkcraft.mcserver.ws:26455 and there is no whitelist so just log yourself in!

For this world we are using the GriefPrevention plugin so you will be given a nice handy gold shovel to stake your claims. the spawn area is protected 100 blocks in each direction. Once outside you're free to claim land and start building. Be aware all the same DC rules still apply including no grief under any circumstances(even if the area is not protected) and as always respect space between builds. Have fun kids!
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Yeessss it's still online!!

Edit: Spawn is broken. Both aurorasix and myself got back online to play after we discovered DC still has an active server. It's dark, and we can't figure out where the hell to go.
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