DarkShop Grand Opening


The DarkCraft Premium Shop is now open!

With the Grand Opening of DarkShop brings the new 'booster' based kit system. Over 200 boosters are now for sale, covering a huge range of Minecraft items!

Boosters are priced so a dedicated voter can easily benefit from them, 90% of boosters cost 25 DarkPoints. They also favour new-comers, allowing brand new players to vote, run to the DarkShop, grab some stone tools, leather armour, and head off!

The new shop can be found in the spawn mall, in the spawn basement. Look for the orange wool!

To celebrate the launch of our new premiums, and the holiday season, get all DarkPoint packages right now for 25%+ off, until December 31st!

Also new; DarkPoints are now transferable using the command /darkpoints transfer [player] [amount], followed by /darkpoints transfer confirm [player].

We'll have a wiki page where you can look up all boosters, their quantity, and price shorlty.