Name: DarkWater

Location: x:899 z: -1206 (1.7 World)

Available plots and cost: FREE 10x10 plots 1d 15x15 plots and 2d 20x20 plots.

1. No Griefing.
2.No Tresspassing without permission.
3.No begging for ranks, just apply.
4.Respect others equally.
5.Have fun.
(All other DarkCraft rules apply.)

Other Info:
Town Mayor: dizzyuluru
Town Mod: None
Town Builder: None
Town Outcast: None
Town Residents:Roog77
Town Guests:None

How to apply for a plot:

In Game Name:

How long have you played Darkcraft:

Size plot you would like:

Just put those things in a reply and there you go.

To Apply for ranks:

This is how to apply for ranks!​
What rank you want:​
In Game Name:​
Size Plot Owned:​
Past Experiences:​
How You Benefit The Town:​
Reply to this comment and I will check it over and tell you if you were accepted or not.​