Greenland Renovation Project
I would like to formally announce that Greenland has changed hands.Well not so much changed hands as added hands. gassycaptian Telthios and F22ace are now owners of greenland and plan on renovating and revitalizing the town.

In this attempt, the first order of business will be demolishing structures and redoing the road system and building codes.

This will be a drastic change to the greenland that everyone knows now and I hope that it will be a welcomed change.

Telthios and I hope to bring unity to the structures in Greenland and rebuild it as a solid unified town with the structures reflecting that.

We hope to have the communities support in renovating the first large town this version of darkcraft has known.



Tried this.. Failed at it. Only thing I can say to you guys good luck!
The only difference is we will not be "asking" people to remodel, we are just doing it hahaha. Though thankfully we have that privilege since most of them are inactive or banned lol.