Unbanned justin28012003


Former Moderator
Which rule was broken: Creations 1
Other parties involved: Hellswarlord
Extra info: Griefed Hells' shop


Head Moderator
I talked to this guy before. Judging from his username, he is about 12 years old (if the numbers in his name are his birthdate) and he speaks no more than German and 2 words of English. He had a hard time communicating and he does seem like he wants to play fairly, albeit like, you know, a 12 year old would. Griefing a bit, being so embarassed that they don't know what to say, and leaving after panicking. Not saying that it makes stealing ok, but it's just a factor you may consider. I also know Hell's 'shop' wasn't really set up anyway, and a large potion of it was already destroyed. For these reasons, I suggest toning the ban down to 24 hours. But of course, you get to make the call since you made the ban to begin with.


Former Moderator
Looking back, 48hrs might have been a bit harsh. I just wasn't sure if he was pretending to not understand english. Maybe you could go over the basic rules with him. (If only I knew German, this ban could have probably been avoided). I put a timed ban on him through the commands, not sure if it worked, I'll go check right now.

Edit: All is in order, time served. Unbanned.