Permanent - Possible Appeal MCDieBloxYT, KnightsDee, Alexander363, GuyPetch


Who was banned: Those peeps in the title
Which rule was broken: Creations #1, Grief. Community #1, Spam
Duration of ban: Eternity
Other parties involved: Crazy_ManMan
2015-07-16_11.49.29.png 2015-07-16_11.48.52.png 2015-07-16_11.48.55.png 2015-07-16_11.49.07.png 2015-07-16_11.49.18.png

Extra Info:
Think everybody saw the thread Crazy_ManMan posted. Spammers are not tolerated in any form, especially not when you threaten with hacking. GuyPetch griefed as well as seen in the screens above. For the screens of the spam follow the link, or search for thread itself.

This list of players that are banned because they spammed might get longer, if we find more.