Mineville closed, Diamond City opens

What district will you join if you are going to?

  • Diamond

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • Gold

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Iron

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Coal

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


  • Name: Diamond city
  • Location: Off of the East Road
  • Are there plots available? Yes Cost? Depends on the plot size but for the smallest its 1 Diamond for the extremely wealthy about 25-20 Diamonds
  • Unique Rules/Features: This is a city that is supposed to have four districts, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Coal. These four districts all have different meaning. Diamond is the for the wealthiest of people while Gold is middle class and Iron lower class. Coal is a working district so thats where you find the Farms, Mines, Shops ect. Now since this project isn't in full action yet we need some help the list is below and if you help you can get a certain discount off plots and town perks.
  • Who we need
  • Mods (one more position available) These are the assistant mayors who keep the town running
  • Builders (3 available) These people help build buildings in our town and maintenance them
  • Residents (as many as we can handle) This is probably the most important job this is what keeps are town running and gives us encouragement.
  • Any important or additional information: For homes no 1 x 1 towers or basements any basements found will be immediately filled in and a fine is paid. We have one public mine but we are going to make more and we will make premium mines for the Diamond district people. We also need donations some of the following will be liked
  • Diamond blocks, Iron blocks,Gold blocks, and coal blocks for the districts.
Tools (specificly iron and up)
Food (to feed the workers)
  • We have made some land for Iron and Coal Districts pictures will be up soon
  • We have 3 citizens and are looking for more Next 2 plots in Gold are free and next 3 in Iron are free
  • We have made a town wall for our claimed land. We also claim 50 blocks outside of the wall for expansion.
  • We need some people to help donate tools food and Iron, Coal, Gold, and Diamond blocks and we will advertise you.