Unbanned Necrodiemos


Which rule was broken: General Rule @1 and #2
Duration of ban: Forever
Other parties involved: Me
Extra info: Flying using mods
2015-06-23_21.52.33.png 2015-06-23_21.52.35.png 2015-06-23_21.52.36.png 2015-06-23_21.52.37.png


"Here is my appeal do what you want.

Perm for fly hack really that bad?
I am sorry for hacking i know its not allowed was on a server earlier that allowed hacks (factions) and i forgot i guess.
I didn't mean to do anything bad was trying to get up north to build my base. (old one was on old server couldn't get to it.)
I see you put i broke rule 2 also? I am sorry i went into your base it looked really cool on the map i wanted to look at it. was not going to steal anything. If you deiced to let me back i i saw i wont hack again i apologize again.

Lesson learned:
don't hack its not ok.
Why should we let you back on? I have been with you guys since beta map actually. i like this server even though i don't play that much.
Have you read the rules, and do you understand them? Yes i have i know the rules i should not have fly around i was being lazy.

Good day.

If you uninstall/remove those mods I would be willing to look into this. Don't take the easy way out next time. Ill speak to the other moderators to see what they think.


Why not remove the mod reguardless? Most servers do not allow any type of cheat or altercation of that significance. So remove it first and then you'll get your chance.


Unbanned, need to schedule mumble with moderators at some point. I would also like a screenshot of current mods in use, you can post it here, and/or send it to me in a pm, if in a pm I will include all mods in the pm. @Necrodiemos please be sure to obey ALL rules from now on. :D Have fun.

On a side note please leave my land. I will show you around when I am on next and you are on too.