Nether/end roads


Crazy ManMan

There does not seem to be much going on on the thread and I have noticed those two dimensions do not get used very much. I think it could be eventful to add some roads just like that found in the overworld to give people incentive to build towns/shops and start projects there. Thoughts?


The thing about roads in both of those dimensions, is that, to my own experience, they would not really get used that often.

The nether is vast and messy, which makes constructing roads a decent challenge. Still, it would be a better way of getting form point a to b cuz normally you'd have to pillar or enderpearl your way from one point to another and it takes a bunch of time.

In the End howerever, I do not see the point. The End island is small, so making roads would not really make a difference. In addition to that, everybody kinda wants to seperate himself/herself when building stuff in the End, cuz most of us really build enderfarms there. And since we all want those to be private I don't think any of us would want a road towards it.

But, these are my personal opinions. If there are more people that want roads in both the nether and the end, we can still make m! ;)

Crazy ManMan

Perhaps. The end may not be the best for roads but there would still be plenty of space for privacy if they were built. In the nether I have built a road of my own but there is not way to tell how much use it gets exactly. I can tell at least some people have used it based on blocks on the sides broken/being placed and torches being left. I would not say building a nether road is any harder than building the overworld road, just the occasional ghast to shoot with the bow.