Nihility (under construction) (need builders)


Former Moderator
Front gate: -925, 3 (west of spawn)
Donation location: At front gate for now (finding good location)
^We currently need: Sand/Sandstone, Stone, and dirt^
Owner: 2stoned2know
Co-owner: Dragend
Builders: (reply to this thread letting me know you want to help!)

Once we have a good portion done we will sell plots for the public, but for now we need builders/donations!

Any builders that help will be rewarded with a lovely plot in the city for free.


Head Moderator
I have built in Nihility before, working for the previous owners. I can't build those big sandstone mansions, but I built a few nice little houses with hanging gardens. Unfortunately they were destroyed, but I have screenshots if you want them. I might have spare time for those little builds, and I'm willing to help with that, but for bigger things I'm no help. Just throwing that last part out there, I don'twanna get paid for something I can't do. But for the tiny houses, I'm your get what I mean. :p