Old Egytpian City

Would you like to livein the Old Egyptian City? If yes, in which house?

  • Yes, A slave house

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  • Yes, a Farmer's house

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Hello everyone,

My city is named Old Egyptian City (till I have a better name)
It is a giant old Egyptian based city where you would be able to buy 4 kinds of buildings.
1. A slave house (Basic small house with 1 floor, ~50 Darkdollars)
2. Farmer's house (Bit larger then slave house, has a farm (of a crop that you choose) on the back of it and it has 2 floors, ~100Darkdollars)
3. Officer's house (normal to large house with 3 floors, ~150-200Darkdollars)
4. Farao's temple (Really big house with 2 big buildings to the side of it, nicely decorated and with 5 floors on each building (3 buildings per temple) costs alot but is prebuild and looks nice, ~1000Darkdollars)
The last building is pretty expensive because it takes up alot of space and materials.

There will also be a market (also you can buy a market plot for 50 Darkdollars), a river, and a main temple/pyramid.

If anyone knows anything that can improve this city or wantsto give feedback about the idea the that is greatly appericiated.

Gr. Urgaan


Executive Administrator
I'm definitely interested :) I'm happy to help, and I can send a couple .schematics your way that fit the theme if you're still looking for designs.


Ooh me gusta!!
I'd like to help you with that if you need it.
Can bring ya sandstone and stuff ;)
Im also good in building desert type buildings.
I wanna help!!

Ps: Peng why you be pink???


All help is greatly appreciated, on the moment I'm just flattening some huge desert land for it but the Nile will get next, (yes, we get a Nile) after that I'll start with my own pharaohs temple in creative mode (sp) to decide how much space I need. And Peng If you can send me those schematics I'll like it to look at them.


Is there a chest at the location so we can put stuff in it or so?
Delivering mats and stuff :p