Unbanned pbandj2002


Head Moderator
Which rule was broken: Creations 1, 5
Other parties involved: blobfish88, Captain_Dynamic and probably others
Extra info: Griefed quite a bit along east spawn road. Definitely not a single offense as he deliberately broke through blockades, ignored signs and went into several different buildings to break everything in his way. Definitely doesn't want to play nice on this server, but since this is the first ban, luckily for you, this will only be 72 hours. Demeris Penguinchao please roll back damage done, it's really a lot.
Screenshots/coords: 2014-12-25_14.46.11.png2014-12-25_14.47.48.png2014-12-25_14.46.24.png2014-12-25_14.48.00.png2014-12-25_14.48.41.png