Pvp Colosseum

Interested in helping/ donating?

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Many of you have either seen it or have looked at it. But this is to the people who haven't, or to the people that want to help. I am currently in the process of building a huge Pvp Colosseum. treyclevy, eBrickLayer and myself have been working on it for the past month. We have ran into a slight delay with some certain materials including sand, gravel, obsidian, stone slabs, mossy brick, and cracked brick.

Donations would be greatly appreciated so we could hurry up and rap this project up for everyone to visit! Once it is finished it will be open freely to all. And hopefully in the end I can organize some sort of tournament for all to participate in with a reward to the win/winers of the tourney!

To get to the Colosseum at the moment you do /warp NewEast then head west for about 600 blocks.



I'm pretty good on stone now. I actually got the hard part all done and am only doing the details now. What I'm really lacking is sand and obsidian. To give an estimate I would probably need about 27 stacks of obsidian (to be safe) and prob 3 dc of sand.