Question I simply can not find an answer to.


Crazy ManMan

Step 1: Write down as notes and pictures on paper or disc or USB memory.
Step 2: Insert the documents or device in a SECURED envelope or packaging.
Step 3: Go to a post office and specifically ask to have the date stamped on it.
Step 4: Have it mailed to your home address.

NEVER open the package. Speak to whom ever you please about your findings, as detailed as you wish.
Bring the package to court as evidence if you ever need to sue someone for stealing your credit. :cool:

Oh! and please come back here and tell us about your discoveries AFTER you've followed the above steps.
You sir, have made my curious brain very itchy. :p
That is actaully genoues, i will do that. It is cost effective and is pertty much undeniable proof. I will be sure to explain it detail after I get this stuff out there. I will not have full access to supplies for the electrical device until this summer and I am still doing some tests on the human body manipulation thing, but for the most part it is all tested.