Regal Gardens


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PLOTS ARE CURRENTLY FREE, UNTIL 5:00 PM ON 8/10 EASTERN TIME. They're free, period. Changed my mind.

Welcome to Regal Gardens, a town privately owned by a corporation known as HDModzz. It isn't much a town as it is considered a private, gated, community; close to spawn. This town is accessible by teleporting to HDM himself, or warping to "/warp RG". There isn't a way (without enderpearls) to get in due to the large wall surrounding the town. All are welcome to join, though be weary; there are 24 plots, with 8 VIP.

Space is limited, so join when you can. A week of inactivity (being on the server) is grounds for demolition to make space for residents. Just because it's grounds doesn't mean it'll happen, I'm fairly lenient with this, and unless we /really/ need more plots, this won't be an issue. There's also plenty of land for me to expand to, so shouldn't need to worry.


Other Notes:
• This town was once owned by kroox, and several other members. I recently purchased it; it was once named Nihility, and is now named Regal Gardens.
• No, I do not know why I changed the name, let alone why I chose it.
• Looking for other players to help design other areas of the town with the excess land I own next to it.
• At the end of the day, does your town have a squid-police officer? Nope, this one does.


Ooh I want that first spot!
Would like to help you too btw, but what is the difference between the VIP and rest?