RendeR tries recording himself

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THis got started when LevouOyoto, Ipod and Telthios , myself and a few others were on mumble and decided to have a singing contest. Telthios became enamored with me, I know its hard to believe, but I have that effect on people. Anyway, I do enjoy singing but have never really had the confidence to do anything with it.

I found some software (audacity) and played around and recorded this track. It seems to have come thorugh in mono instead of stereo, I have to figure that out yet, Fixed it, added a copy of teh track and switched it to the opposite channel... but here for your laughter..err listening pleasure:

RendeR: Superman (Fiver for Fighting cover)


I really Liked The First One but i listen to the secound one wake me up to often to know it dosent sound right BUT wow u got a good voice :)


i have to tell you, i am impressed that you went acapella and did not try and cover anything up with the music play along side you. While i am no music genius or singer since you asked.... i would encourage you to keep signing and exercise your voice. You have a natural ability that is for sure. But you need to exercise it and fine tune it. Keep it up!


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I really rushed the second one. "Superman" I've been singing since it came out. I know it a ton better and have played with switching up harmonies on my own for years. I just really like "Wake me up"

Gonna try some more older stuff that I know better for the next one. I post them here because I'm too chicken shit to go out and actually sing them in public.