Permanent - Possible Appeal rocky84


Which rule was broken: Creations Rule number 1
Duration of ban: Forever
Other parties involved: nukegobang
Extra info: logged on and nukegobang let me know that he had found some grief, turned out to be that had poured lava on Azbrood's house. Anyhow, Im getting sick of people pouring lava over everything just for fun. Presenting a nice long ∞ hour ban on him, unless he decides to read the rules and appeal. It is currntly permanent because he is not even shown on no life list.

Just to be clear, I will consider the appeal if he/she appeals.

Screenshots/coords: coords on screenshot

2015-06-24_22.17.17.png 2015-06-24_22.17.53.png 2015-06-24_22.18.01.png 2015-06-24_22.18.07.png 2015-06-24_22.20.05 - Copy.png 2015-06-24_22.20.05.png 2015-06-24_22.20.43 - Copy.png


@Demeris I need another rollback for anything rocky84 did on the server. Also I have some reports for more rollbacks for you as well when you get the time to go through them. :D