Permanent - No Appeal Rose_Ninja_76, xNecron, RedSpider13, Revolver_66, Byggare_Anton


Head Moderator
Which rule was broken: General 2, community 5 and creations 1 and 5.
Duration of ban: For eternity.
Other parties involved: hunttenckhoff123 and possibly more people.
Extra info: Just a plain ol' griefer/hacker team. Spent about an hour on the server, just flying around and destroying things, pouring lava and water everywhere and killing animals. I confronted two of them, as you can see in the screenshots, and they refused to listen to me. After I realized the gravity of their shenanigans, I just decided to ban them and get it over with. @Demeris I need an urgent global rollback on all of them, since they all did great amounts of damage. If you act like this you clearly don't want to play here, so in that case we don't want you to either.
Screenshots/coords: 2015-07-04_16.42.02.png 2015-07-04_16.42.04.png 2015-07-04_16.42.44.png 2015-07-04_16.42.57.png 2015-07-04_16.43.43.png 2015-07-04_16.44.13.png 2015-07-04_16.47.08.png 2015-07-04_16.47.54.png 2015-07-04_16.48.08.png 2015-07-04_16.48.56.png


Demeris thnx for all u did with the rollbacks but wtf happened to all of the cobble in my house.
Half of my house was cobble and now it needs to all be replaced. There is still cobble and stone outside and 3 of my horses are gone!