Permanent - No Appeal Secretspy14, and StonyPotter


Which rule was broken:
Duration of ban: Forever.
Other parties involved: myself, @Nude_Jogger
Extra info: Started off with Nude's message and the coordinates did not add up went to nudes saved home, was the right place. Found grief.
I know I should not be doing 2 bans on the same thread but with the amount of stuff I found in a 100 block radius.. Im not taking pictures of 35 pages of grief. StonyPotter had 35 pages within 100 blocks of where i had been standing, including taking apart one of @Nude_Jogger s beacons with Secretspy. This is whilest secretspy had 43 different pages of grief, and making food, from items taken out of chests. I took about 14 screenshots of each of their shenanigans, and if anyone wants to scroll through the other 50 fine by me.
Coordinates on last screenshot; 935-15-989

2015-06-19_22.49.43.png 2015-06-19_22.50.00.png 2015-06-19_22.50.17.png 2015-06-19_22.50.28.png 2015-06-19_22.50.37.png 2015-06-19_22.50.42.png 2015-06-19_22.50.53.png 2015-06-19_22.50.55.png 2015-06-19_22.51.00.png 2015-06-19_22.51.06.png 2015-06-19_22.51.10.png 2015-06-19_22.51.14.png 2015-06-19_22.51.17.png 2015-06-19_22.51.21.png 2015-06-19_22.51.25.png 2015-06-19_22.51.29.png 2015-06-19_22.51.32.png 2015-06-19_22.51.38.png 2015-06-19_22.51.42.png 2015-06-19_22.51.48.png 2015-06-19_22.54.08.png 2015-06-19_22.54.15.png 2015-06-19_22.54.57.png 2015-06-19_22.56.25.png 2015-06-19_22.56.31.png 2015-06-19_23.03.59.png 2015-06-19_23.04.02.png 2015-06-19_23.04.12.png 2015-06-19_23.04.18.png 2015-06-19_23.04.27.png 2015-06-19_23.04.31.png 2015-06-19_23.04.40.png 2015-06-19_23.04.58.png 2015-06-19_23.05.05.png 2015-06-19_23.05.13.png 2015-06-19_23.05.18.png 2015-06-19_23.05.23.png 2015-06-19_23.10.17.png 2015-06-19_23.10.27.png 2015-06-19_23.11.05.png 2015-06-19_23.15.14.png


@Demeris Please do a rollback of everything these two have ever done to get all the way out to Nude's place means they probably walked, meaning they probably griefed other stuff..


HellsWarlord77, My Friend tylerlazer has recently tried to appeal his ban, but while trying to do so he noticed the mod who banned him (CailenVautour) isnt associated with the server anymore. He came to me for help but i didnt know so I'm asking you. Does this mean he will never get unbanned?


Who are banned: secretspy14, stonypotter
rule was broken: Creations #1, #2, #5, #6
Duration of ban: For eternity
Other parties involved: Me, probably more
Extra info:
Looooong story short: two nice guys at first when we started talking, I showed them my area and gave them a little tour. Asked them to leave the area so I could continue building stuff. They both set a home on my property without permission and left. I checked their home lists because I wanted to be cautious, they were peeking into every single chest they could find and I found out they both set a home on my land. At first that was no problem, but when I saw them both on my land again, without permission this time, I told them to leave. Secretspy14 was building some sort of hole in the mountain no more then 50 blocks away from my nearest building. I told him to repair the damage and that they both had to remove the home. Stonypotter did, secret started pretending he did and lying about it. After he finally removed his home he created one right after and started lying about it being a glitch.

I went offline and saw stonypotter sneak into my land via the livemap. I logged back on and warned him not to do so. He claimed just exploring and not to know it was mine, even though my land is claimed very cleary with pillars rising from the water with signs on it 30 blocks away from the land.

Just logged on today and checked everything, found loads of chest that had half or all stuff missing and stolen by them. Some grief here and there. They even blamed 2 other members for doing it (or just made up some name, but does not make it any better)

So, I really thought that both of you learned something after the last perma ban, but I was wrong here. You missused my hospitality and my kindness and for that I wish you all the luck somewhere else then Darkcraft.

@AnimeAnnemarie @Demeris @Penguinchao @Darq,
can I get a global rollack on these two? I do not know if anybody else has suffered from these boys. I took most of the solen/grieved stuff back already, but a complete rollback would be nice :)

2015-12-31_16.35.06.png 2015-12-31_16.35.17.png 2015-12-31_16.35.29.png 2015-12-31_16.35.41.png 2016-01-01_20.56.21.png 2016-01-01_20.56.32.png 2016-01-01_20.59.07.png 2016-01-01_20.59.28.png 2016-01-01_21.00.06.png 2016-01-01_21.00.09.png 2016-01-01_21.00.13.png


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