Info server down? Play League of legends!


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Greetings, summoners!

While the server is down I've been playing league. I remember a thread for this a while back but i think its time for a new one.

This is an invitation to anyone who would like to play league with Darkcraft friends. maybe we could make a ranked team if its popular enough :D (I just made one called Darkcraft). In here you will find a list of all the league ingame names with MC names next to them.
If you would like me to add your name to the list just comment below with it.

League names - MC names
  1. ihavepwnage - ihavemines
  2. HellsWarlord - HellsWarlord77
  3. Bam Drixy/Kankuro - Dragend
  4. DC HDModzz - HDModzz
  5. joonxk, luckofdemon - joonxk
  6. 1337equalsme - ihavemine88
  7. Telthios - Telthios
  8. billywins - boldr
  9. CrushedCan1 - Crushed_Can
  10. DC Vortega - Vortega
  11. Niskiller - Niskiller (EUW)
  12. Drollsquare6993 - Drollsquare6993


I remember that one, we had that big list.... Anyway, play league too Name is HellsWarlord surprise surprise.. We had one for consoles as well didn't we? well for that one Im JustOutofReach77. I own them all.......


I play league besides minecraft, but Im EUwest and not NA :( (I would have to make a NA account to get there)

For those that are EUwest name is : Niskiller