Sky Scraper (Kinda)


Wussup Guys! Recently, you may have seen me buying LOTS of Birch Wood, Glowstone, Netherbrick, Sand, and Sandstone, and many have asked what in the world am I doing! Well, for the past few days, myself, UnloosingKey and ForeverDancer, have been building the start of my skyscraper! Currently, we don't have great lighting, and we need to add more floors (about 100 blocks up further) but here is a quick look at what we have been doing! Please feel free to donate resources, but if only willing to sell, PM me, or mail me in game with what your selling, the quantity and the price! :]

Wanna see the build for yourself? New world, 300 blocks WEST (iron road)! Currently, you can not enter, but as we go further, more and more of the building will be accessible!

Lemme know what you think below! :D


If you could, that would be awesome! :] Just dump it in one of the random unlocked chests on my land! :] Thanks!



A quick selfie of the crew involved! :D Huge shout to UnloosingKey and Keldo129 for all the much appreciated help! Thanks guys! Here's The Pics (With Roles)


Guys Who  Helped Me Make My Scraper - DARKCRAFT.png

People Who Dedicated Time To The Build

Myself - PM/Owner, Builder
Nlog_88 - Builder
ForeverDancer - Builder
Bunniboobing - Builder
Bluethunder745 Builder
Keldo129 - Builder
UnloosingKey - Head Builder
Teckenmyr - Threw Fireworks Around And Patched Walls
Ipod_Beemo - Sold The Land


All floor are now completed! Later today, we will be hosting a event there, with cakes and drinks, as well as 'cut the rope' to announce the grand opening of the floors! Then, we will be selling out the rooms! :D Construction, on the scraper is not yet finished, but the floors are! Will post here for more updates!
Also... The scraper goes from bedrock to the sky limit! I am still unsure what I will put in there, so I would like to hear your ideas!
I was thinking more floors (cheaper as no view)... Or shops, but I would like to know what you think! :]

Also, below, please add what you think we should call the scraper! I have an idea or two... But I'm sure you guys can come up with a better name! :p

I was thinking something like Skyline Scraper or Sky City


We have come up with a name, of SkyLine Hotel... And I'm very happy to announce, that SkyLine is now... OPEN! :D Please come by and visit, and feel free to request to buy a room! Put in a book, you price and which floor you would like! Sign it, then throw it in one of the hoppers at the front desk! We look forwards to seeing you there soon! I will keep this updated with news, events, sales, and more info! :D


I'm proud to announce the beginning of the second skyscraper! The new scraper, is going to be 100% the same as the other, but this is for more rooms and more stuff for guys to do!

Huge shout to all our helpers, Unloosing, Keldo, Nlog, Investing, Forever, Droll... And another huge thankyou to HellsWarlord77 who has built us 2, redstone doors, for both scrapers, and most of all, as he has put these two doors, before work that he was asked to do before, for a substantial amount of pay! I have paid him for his work, and I would love for you, Hell, to continue on this build for us when we need more redstone done!

Again, A huge thanks to all the helpers, and we look forwards to completing the second scraper!

Will keep here updated with progress and info, and please, continue to be generous and donate what is needed towards these scrapers! Every little helps!