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We kinda have a town system. We feel that plugins like towny are just too complicated and take away from the game, so there's no "town commands," but you are allowed to open your own town.

To make a town, just find an empty area far away from any other claimed land, stake your claim on the land, and make a thread in this sub-board. If you founded the town, you, by default, are the mayor of said town, so you get to make up any additional rules and regulations for it. Mayors cannot just evict people who are in the town and take their stuff, but they can have their citizens move and such, with a fair amount of notice, which would allow them to move their stuff. Unjustified evictions may be intervened by staff.

The town's thread should have basic information, such as the following:
  • Name
  • Location
  • Are there plots available? Cost?
  • Unique Rules/Features
  • Any important or additional information
We should have the jist of your town by reading your thread. If your town has grown enough, and your town's thread is clear enough, you may be accepted to have a warp and/or dynmap marker for your town "/warp townname;" apply here! :)
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