Permanent - Possible Appeal Syndicadeproject, GeeWizz


Head Moderator
Which rule was broken: Community 2, 5 and 11 and creations 1.
Duration of ban: I'm in a good mood. If you can convince me with a nice apology, it won't be for eternity.
Other parties involved: Unsure
Extra info: Came online and these two were unresponsive. Only after me explicitly stating that I would ban him did syndicade change his skin with a swastika. Gee also seemed to have some sort of auto-targeting hack (I know these exist) because he hit monsters when he wasn't looking their way and from seemingly impossible distance. They also ignored me when told to stop griefing. Gee was definitely griefing more, and was ruder, too, when told to stop, so I banned him after the umpth time he was disrespectful. When I was being insulted with a very serious racial term, I decided it was enough for syndicade and banned him as well. I doubt they really like our server, or want to play by our rules. Seeing as they came back, not changing their ways and even being ruder after being kicked every time, I decided they probably wouldn't learn from a 72 hour ban either, and simply come back online afterwards for revenge. So, I put it on a permanent. But, please, convince me otherwise by all means, gentlemen. Make a nice appeal if you decide to try to do so.
Screenshots/coords: (Placed into an imgur album for convenience - uploading to this site would go one by one and take too much time.)