The New Website


Klaus Widraw

I have! All for it when we have a nice front page to use as the front page. You said something on the last forum about being able to offer your services for that? :3
Yeah, I could look into that. Just write me a pm or email with some ideas about what you'd like to have and we'll see what I can do. However, I'm busy with other things until the weekend.
The current style is this: made blue
I liked it, but yes, it could definitely use some work. I'm just getting started with Xenforo modding/styling (and web design in general). Perhaps until we can make Boxy perfect (or come up with an entirely new design), we should stick to something tried and true?
Sounds good.
I could easily adapt something like that to make it less childish, I am a graphic designer after all. And have some time to spare atm so I might even do it. We need a new logo anyway, working on that already.
Awesome, that'd be a brilliant thing to do!
My two problems are this:

- The overly simple boxy layout
- I would suggest rounding the buttons, or giving them a different shape. I always thought trapezoid buttons would be cool, lol.

- The huge difference in contrast between the edges and main body of the page.
- Perhaps make the main body the gray that's on the sides, and make the sides black. Also, perhaps give the different sections of the page a nice dark blue outline?

I do like how simple it is to navigate through the site, though. That's a huge plus.


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The problem I find about the white text-box is mostly that it doesn't suit ''DarkCraft'' very well. the site should be dark, in my opinion.

Maybe try a ''bedrock-block'' texture for the background (which will give the site that minecraft ''feel'' some members are looking for, but won't make it look as ''childish'' as most forums). Also, maybe some diamond-blue highlights with some sort of a gradient fade to it, to give it that ''shiny'' look(not sure if this is well described... sorry).
Rounded edges on buttons and quote boxes are a good idea aswell. And, as previously mentioned by RendeR, alternating shades for each post is also a great idea.


I'm happy we got a new site it goes with the new server. All that's left is for me to test out the ban section on the forums. So who's first?


Will you have the plugin installed for ForumRunner or other Forum Apps for the android/iphones like the old page had. I am receiving connection errors when using those apps.


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Love that one, logo I'm working on more or less fits in that theme too, so thats nice. Speaking of teh logo, Darq can you let me know what size it has to be? (the header for that forums thingy)