Unbanned TooDope


Who is banned: TooDope
Which rule was broken: Community #1, #3, #5 Creations #1
Duration of ban: 24 hours
Other parties involved: Me, Rakker614, LilXv

2016-01-19_22.02.12.png2016-01-19_22.02.16.png2016-01-19_22.02.18.png2016-01-19_22.02.21.png2016-01-19_22.02.23.png 2016-01-19_22.02.25.png 2016-01-19_22.02.27.png 2016-01-19_22.03.44.png 2016-01-19_22.06.33.png 2016-01-19_22.07.27.png 2016-01-19_22.08.46.png

Extra info:

All was good and fine until he screamed he was mad. He said I took his brothers house, which I bought fair and square via an auction. He kept saying I stole it and that I did not own it. I told him to drop the subject, after he started pooring water all over the place and placing dirt against the walls.

After that he started swearing and still refused to listen to me when I said to stop talking about it and be nice. When he started being disrespectful to both Rakker and LilXv I pulled the plug.

You have 24 hours to think about this, use it wel.