Tutorials and Tricks 6: Applied Energistics 2


Lord of the Pants

Ok so lets say you've been mining away or running a Quarry for a while now, and your place is starting to get so overrun with Diamond Chests they're going to do a Minecraft edition of Hoarders on you. Applied Energisitcs is what you need.

So what is it anyway? Applied Energistics 2 at its core is an end game storage system. Like a Deep Storage Unit it has the ability to store massive amounts of blocks in a smaller space. But unlike the DSU the Applied Energistics(or AE) system is not limited to one type of block. It's configurable in a multitude of ways to store your entire cache of stuff and hunger for more. You can then access all your stuff through a simple Terminal interface and get anything you want when you need it.

Ok so how does it work? The AE system is a Matter/Energy converting computer system. Kind of like the replicators on Star Trek however, everything inserted stays into the pattern it was before it went in. That is, you cannot shove in a ton of cobble and get back diamonds. It can only come back out again as cobble. The AE system like any other powered device requires RF or Mekanism Joules to run. The larger the system you have the more it eats but it's generally not that power hungry.

So how does one get started? That's what this tutorial is for. However because this is an end game mod it is very complicated. So much so many people are highly intimidated by it. This tutorial will be segmented into parts to break down each step to getting a basic AE system running and storing stuff. Just follow the steps and be patient and you'll love the results.


Lord of the Pants
Where to begin

To begin you're going to have to go mining. Of course you're reading this because you already been mining so much you need this to store your stuff. But we are looking specifically for a few types of Quartz crystals to start out. Namely you need Certus Quartz and Netherquartz. Try to get a hold of as much as you can of both cause your going to need it. The Charged Certus Quartz exists naturally as well, however it is extremely rare. You will need some to start out so it may take a while to get everything you need. The Fluix Crystals, Pure Certus Quartz and Pure Netherquartz do not exist in nature and will have to be fabricated to get them.

once you have enough of everything you need to begin fabricating Fluix Crystals. The problem here is there is no "crafting" recipe in the conventional sense. To get them you have to drop 1 Charged Certus Quartz, 1 Netherquartz and, 1 redstone dust into a pool of water. Seriously. Just chuck that stuff into a 1x1 pool of water and wait. You will know its working because there will be a lightning effect in the water. You should only have to wait about 10 seconds or so before it turns into 2 Fluix Crystals. This is the only type of crystal that is speedy to create in this way. The others take much much longer.

Next you will need some Quartz glass. make some quartz dust of any type(Nether or Certus) using the Grindstone, the Pulveriser, or the Crusher. Craft it with some normal glass or any variant of normal glass to make the Quartz glass. You can now use this to make the Energy Acceptor. You will need this to power the next two machines.



Lord of the Pants
Your AE assembly system

So now you got the ability to power some machines. craft some ME Glass Cable. Then craft the Charger as seen above. The charger like most of the AE components cannot connect to outside power sources. This is why we crafted the Energy Acceptor. Take the Acceptor and connect it to your power system of choice. Then use the ME Glass Cable to connect the Acceptor to the top of the charger. With this you can now turn regular Certus Quartz into Charged Certus Quartz. Extremely helpful given how rare Charged Quartz is in the world.

Next comes the Inscriber. You will need this to make various circuits for the parts of the AE system. It will also need to be connected to the acceptor to get power. Now here's where we hit a snag. The various Press plates you see next to it have no crafting recipe to start out. You have to find them in the center of crashed Meteorites in the world. It's understandable that there is a limited number of the Meteors and this things will run out quickly, however once someone has one, they can duplicate it with the Inscriber by putting the press into it with a block of iron. As at the time of writing this two of us have all the presses already we can make copies of them for people who wish to use AE.

Above is a crashed Meteorite. Now before you panic these do not come crashing down at random. They are created during world gen. No new ones ever appear after the world is fully generated. There are quite a few of them on the main world and the Mining world should have them too which will be reset as needed over time. The Press plates are in a "Sky Stone Chest" located in the middle of the meteor. It's the same color as the sky stone that the meteor is made of but not quite a cubic meter in size like the rest of the blocks. While you are here grab some Sky Stone because you will need it later but don't mine out the entire Meteor so as to leave some for others. It's just courtesy. :D


Lord of the Pants
Using the Inscriber

The inscriber is needed to make all the circuit components of the AE system. It's a little daunting at first but you catch on quick and it can be easily automated for bulk operations. Mostly what you're aiming for when using the Inscriber is the 3 types of processors. To make each of them you need one of the Circuit types and Printed Silicon. To get the circuit types you have to place the proper Inscriber press into the top slot of the Inscriber and the correct material into the center. It will spit out the circuit on the right hand side.

Calculation Press + Pure Certus Quartz = Calculation Circuit
Logic Press + Gold Ingot = Logic Circuit
Engineering Press + Diamond = Engineering Circuit
Silicon Press + Silicon = Printed Silicon

You can cheaply make silicon by putting sand in the Thermal Expansion Pulverizer. You need one Printed Silicon and a Redstone dust to complete any of the Processors. Simply put the Printed Circuit in the Top of the Inscriber. Put the Redstone in the Middle slot, and the Printed silicon in the bottom and your processor will show up in the right slow.

The entire Inscriber can be automated easily for bulk operations by first hooking up power to its back. Then attach hoppers, itemducts or some other transport method to the same corresponding sides as the slots. Top for top, bottom for bottom, left for center, and right for extraction.


Lord of the Pants
Pure Crystals

so up until now we've been using exclusively Certus and Fluix Crystals. But for the next step we are going to need Pure Fluix Crystals to build the ME controller which is the heart of the AE system. To do this you need to make crystal seeds by making crystal dust by putting the appropriate crystal we are trying to make pure into a Grindstone, Pulverizer, or Crusher. Then craft that dust with sand to make the seed.

Now here is where things start to get a bit rough. Like when you made the Fluix Crystals you need to toss the seed into an open pool of water for it to grow. Unlike the Fluix Crystal that only took 10 seconds, the seeds take much longer to grow. From my SP testing it took 10 real world minutes for the seed to grow 1%(you can remove the seeds from the water to check on how much they grew without it resetting the process). Simple math shows that the seed would need to sit in the water for nearly 17 hours real time to become the crystals we need. They do not despawn so no need to worry there.

Before you freak there is ways to make this process go faster as well as options to eliminate the in world crafting of crystals all together. Your first option is of course to wait 17 hours or until you eat your keyboard in frustration. Not my first choice and I'm sure not yours. Your second option is above. The Crystal Growth Accelerator.

The block of Fluix you need to craft it can be made with either regular fluix crystals or the pure ones. you simply place the accelerator directly next to the water block as shown and power it. This will decrease the growth time from 17 hours to 25 minutes. You can also place more accelerators next to the water to speed the process further up to a max of 4. This will decrease the over all time to mear seconds. You can also drop as many seeds as you have into it at once to bulk grow and speed the process.

Finally your third option is from an addon mod I included called AE2stuff. This item is the Crystal Growth Chamber. This block entirely removes the in world crafting aspect all together. However it is a bit costly.

As you can see it requires 6 Accelerators in the recipe. Once you have this device however you can just dump your materials for crystals inside and leave it alone. It only takes a second to make Fluix Crystal and around 30 seconds to make pure crystals. Again this can be done in bulk and I'm pretty sure you can attach hoppers or other item transfer devices to automate it.

Finally some of us already have this device as well or a pool surrounded by accelerators so if you just ask around someone will likely be happy to let you use them while you get your own setup. Also a note on Pure Crystals. Once you convert normal crystals to pure ones they cannot be ground into dust nor can they be used in recipes that call only for normal crystals. That being said you can craft them into the same type of block you can make with the regular crystals. Fluix crystals of any type make Fluix Blocks, Certus of any type make Certus Quartz Blocks and any type of Netherquartz will make a netherquartz block. The Certus and Fluix blocks can be uncrafted back and will become the normal form of crystal again instead of the pure. The Netherquartz block needs to be pulverized and will become netherquartz again. This will NOT make an infinite crystal doubling system because although 4 regular crystal will make 8 pure crystals, it takes 8 pure crystals to make a block anf when broken back down you get 4 regular crystals back.


Lord of the Pants
Making your AE System!!!

So all that wasn't so hard right? Now we can get to making the AE System! The first thing we're going to need is the ME Controller.

Now that we learned how to make the processors in the earlier Inscriber section we can easily make the Engineering Processor it needs. Same with the Pure Fluix Crystals we now have as well. All you need to do is craft those together with the Sky Stone I told ya to grab while you were at the Meteor. Once you got this block you can hook it up right away if you want. This can accept power from any of the other power systems it does not need to be connected to the power acceptor and can in fact replace it if you want. When connected the block will glow with a very disco kinda look to it.

Next is the terminal. It's more of a panel than a block. You will need an illuminated panel using 3 Quartz Glass, 2 glowstone, one redstone, and one iron ingot(recipe can be found in NEI). You will also need both a Formation Core and an Annihilation Core. Both require a Logic processor each and a fluix crystal dust. But the Formation core requires a Certus Quartz while the Annihilation Core needs Netherquartz. Finally just another Logic Processor and you got a Terminal. You will need an ME cable to connect this. Just connect the ME Glass Cable to one of the sides of the ME Controller and connect the terminal to the cable. It should have a purple screen on it.

Our last block to make is the ME Drive. This will house all the storage cells. Again its fairly simple. Two Engineering Processors, 2 ME Glass Cables, and 4 Iron Ingots. You can hook this to the ME Controller with ME Glass Cable or just stick it right on the side of the Controller.



Lord of the Pants

What the Hell?! My AE System doesn't work. I went through all that and the terminal wont let me put anything inside. I hate you! I make you eat your own liver!

Well of course it don't work you ain't got no storage in it yet. It's like a computer without the Hard Drive at the moment. What we need now is storage cells. In the basic mod they come in 4 tiers of 1k, 4k, 16k, and 64k as shown in the picture above. The cells themselves are however just more or less casings around the Component pieces seen below the cells. Each one is the actual memory for the cell.

Now of course the 1k, 4k, 16k, and 64k numbers are relatively meaningless to you as you wanna know what these can hold in terms of blocks. Now keep in mind any single cell has a varying capacity based on the k number but still is limited to a max of 63 different types of items. They will hold more of one type of item then they will of 63 types. So here we go.

Storage Capacities:

1k :

1 type: 127 stacks
63 types: 65 stacks

1 type: 508 stacks
63 types: 260 stacks

1 type: 2,032 stacks
63 types: 1,040 stacks

1 type: 8,128 stacks
63 types: 4,160 stacks

there are way more cell types added by the Extra Cells 2 mod also included however I'm not going to go into all that. This is a basic tutorial and you can lookup the recipes and stuff in NEI in the game.

This is the base recipe for all the cells. It's just Quartz glass, redstone, and iron. In the center you put the component you want. Either 1k, 4k, 16k, or 64k.

1k Component 4k Component

16k Component 64k Component

Above is the recipes for the different Components. As you can see the first tier(1k) starts with crafting our of the basic materials of certus quartz and redstone with a logic processor. Each tier after that requires 3 or the previous type component to craft. 3 1k components for a 4k, 3 4k for a 16k, and 3 16k for a 64k.

Once you have the component size you want simply craft it into the cell recipe and you have a storage cell. Right click on your ME Drive to open the GUI for it. You can place your new cell into any of the slots inside. The Drive can hold up to 10 cells and will use them collectively to increase the total storage of the AE System. If all 10 slots full isn't enough storage for you, you can make another ME drive and connect it to the ME Controller directly or via an ME Glass cable to expand your storage. I don't honestly know if there is a limit to the storage capacity.

But think of it this way.... If the ME drive was full of 64k cells, the total capacity of the drive would be either....

81,280 stacks of up to 10 different block types or roughly 5,201,920 blocks
41,600 stacks of up to 630 different block types or roughly 2,662,400 blocks

I've also had 8 full drives working simultaneously at one point on another map. So it can easily hold anything you can throw at it if you work at it. Building cells can be automated using Thermal Expansion cyclic assemblers or with another part of Applied Energistics I will discuss in another tutorial.

For now enjoy your new AE system!