We need a new End

Do you want a new and organised End or leave the end as it is?

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Since joining the server a couple months ago I've been playing less than I would desire to because of recent projects and school, but now that I have a little more time I would like to engage in a new community project to renew The End, I would like to, either, reset The End world and build 4 farms on the North, South, East, and West sides of The End island, OR, not reset the end and leave few farms that everyone could reach and use at any given time of their desire, or as long as the server is up and running and no other special maintenance is required.
When I pledged this on the server a few minutes before creating this post no one seemed to be against this request, and a few people were actually for it. So Id like to start this project either asap or when the server decides to update to whatever version, the operators of the server decide to update to, to give a new look in the presence of a new version.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me through messaging. I will be checking this post and login on to the server every day for the next 7 days to see if any actions are planned to be taken.
Sincerely, Astijus


The reason for me saying no is because of my farm i worked on for around 50 hours and i would prefer not to loss it but i agree the spawn bit is looking really really rough


New spawners in 4 corners of the map, 3 for normal members, one for premium that's fancier :D I can fund this project too :D


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I agree. Although the concept of personal farms is a plus for me as people can customize them as they please, there are far too many partially finished ones or ones belonging to inactive players and they are eating up the spawn rate in there. So yeah, centralized ones sound good. I too can help fund and build these.


I agree we need a new one however I think we should remove all the ones where the owners have been inactive for 2 months and allow the center of the end to stay tidy.


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What would be the point? If you're hoping to increase the spawn rates at your spawner, it wont do much. You honestly wont be able to tell the difference...


Really if i have a enderman farm i can go to anytime to get somethings enchanted with a nice looking spawn i dont mind how ever u do it


If youre wanting a spawner and just don't wanna make one far out, look around, theres a million of them that can be auctioned...