What games are you playing?


Redstone Genius
Hey everyone!, Its been a really long time since this community has played anything together, and while I'd love to get back into playing minecraft with all yall. I can't speak for you guys.

That being said, there is a possibility we are playing the same multiplayer games but don't realize it.

So here is where I'm going to post all the different multiplayer games I play (Hold off on single player games for this thread)

Plus indicates how often I play it or how much I want to get into playing it

Realistically I can only manage to be "in the mood" for 3 games at any one time.. and roughly one game switches on a bi-weekly basis

Overwatch +
Rainbow Six Siege ++
Arma 3 +

Ark: Survival Evolved +
Minecraft ++

Stellaris +
Civ V
Total War: Shogun 2 +++
Total War: Warhammer ++

Battle Royal:
Fortnite +++ (4 Solo Wins)

Clash Royal +

Console: (Xbox: x Swatacular x)
Halo (all) ++
Titanfall 2 ++
COD Black Ops
Battlefield 1 +
Battlefield 5 +
Fortnite +++

VR: (Vive)
Pavlov VR +
Rec Room ++
TableTop simulator
Elite Dangerous

Dungeons and Dragons
Just started playing D&D, I am a Dungeon Master for my group of 8 or so.
I would be willing to play online via discord/roll20 if someone else wanted to be the Dungeon Master.