What if?


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I want to make a list and get some people's opinions on something. If you could suggest some things to Dinnerbone/Mojang, what would they be? My top three would be:

  • Craftable Displays for armor, weapons (like a mannequin) that you could print your skin on to (maybe)
  • Vertical Slabs
  • Glass display cases (like a three dimensional item frame, could look like the outer shell of a beacon)
Anyone else have anything to add? :D


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They implemented stained glass in a mod pack I play and it is AWESOME. Cannot wait for the vanilla release!

My three?

- Non-centralized skin service and/or more robust display name options ;) Tempted to just repeat this for my other two....
- Project table! Saves so much time and wouldn't be difficult to implement in vanilla. http://feed-the-beast.wikia.com/wiki/Project_Table
- I will second vertical slabs/carpets, and I would also like the ability to make "hardwood floors" in the same way you can now make carpets. Really anything similar to micro blocks would turn me into a giddy schoolgirl http://tekkitclassic.wikia.com/wiki/Micro_Blocks