what if.....


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had this weird thought....

If a future king of england was gay and married a guy(cuz you know england is progressive n all) would his male lover hold the title of queen of england?

and either way on it if the king himself died his lover would be ruler.. so would he rule as king or queen?


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Ha! Queen of England. I see what you did there.

Not sure if you're just being your clever self or looking for a serious answer, but Queen is a distinctly feminine title (derived from the German for "wife" and Greek for "woman"), so it would probably not be applied to the king's husband—unless, of course, said husband gender-identified as female, in which case we'd be referring to him as the king's wife, and the title of Queen would be appropriate. Barring that, I believe the appropriate title would be Prince Consort, the title given to the husband of a Queen.

Should the King die, the throne would not likely pass to his consort, as common law dictates that the progeny of the ruler would be the first in line to ascend the throne.

If we DID have two kings, I would want them to be Jack Black and KG. Get the scientists working on the tube technology immediately.



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What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us, Just a stranger on the bus.

as a stranger on the bus.. everyone would prolly think he's just a crazy guy then.... rambling on bout creating the universe n shit...