What is on your desk?


Klaus Widraw

Your desk

Your desk is essential part of your daily routinr, it's the place you work, browse, and well, play minecraft.
It's a portal to another world, the WWW.

My Desk

Computer, it's a Vaio, 17 inch, Full HD, great for working. I don't mind the big form factor.

Zometools (all over the place): I'm helping my father with his book, it's about these Zometools, plastic pieces you can stick into each other to create geometric structures. Great for math lessons. Also to play around with.

Coffee Table, next to my mousepad, essential part of my routine.

V-Moda headphones, left side, they're a bit bass heavy, but great for listening to psychedelic rock while building awkward structures in 3D editors.

So, show us, what is on your desk?



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Kk, so in order from left to right: Overhead view of desk, pufferfish I have had for a while, and showing my dual monitors.
In my overhead picture you can see: Turtle beach headphones, my dv6 laptop by HP, and my Mad Catz RAT 5 mouse. Well, and wires :p
Then the pufferfish, self explanatory.
And in my dual monitor pic, you can see: Pepsi can, halls coughdrop bag, second monitor with music open, one of my surround sound speakers (subwoofer is in the very bottom lefthand corner, could post a pic of that if you want,) and uh, some cologne or something.
Edit: Added a pic of the sub for Crushed_Can


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2013-02-06 20.02.54.jpg2013-02-06 20.03.16.jpg

The first is my desk and the stuff on top of it (you can see the top of my amp too). Above it on shelf 1 is books and papers, shelf 2 is CD's/DVD's/old books/shot glasses/eye drops (for my allergies, not for that), shelf 3 is old stuff from when I was a lot younger (such as the lego thang).

Overhead view of my desk: Glasses case, external optical drive, old HDD, my monitor, pens, gum, altoids, index card, tissues (not for that, pervert), physics hw, Beatles songbook, calculus text book, keyboard, $2, headphones, a cup, a laptop sleeve, copy of Pokemon Silver, my Pulp Fiction case with a note from my sister on how she borrowed it, a disc (think it's Back to the Future), and an old calculator.

Also, on the amp: A few different sizes of hex keys, a drum key, guitar picks, a guitar pick holder, three harmonicas (one in C, one in A, one in G), a capo, a glass slide, and 6 nine-volt batteries.


The Corn Husker

First off we have my entire desktop setup. You can see my Xbox and PS3 sitting on the shelves. You can also see my 28' inch Vizio that I use as my Monitor. I have Turtle Beach X12, a Razor Arctosa keyboard, along with a Star Wars mouse pad, and Monster Energy bar thingy-ma-bobber. Along with what my chat looks like in Minecraft.
Edit: Added a picture of my sub for HDModzz
2013-02-07 15.35.33.jpg


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I use the kitchen table.
Left to right, My wallet, 2 dollars, 3 pennies, one dime, 6 quarters, keys, a flashdrive, MacBook Pro (Damn you), a mouse, and a cup of tea.
(I have to post the picture from my phone give me a few minutes)

My pro Macbook and its broken backlight so I have to use a monitor hooked up to it. Then you got my k360 Logitech keyboard, Easy button, LED lamp, tea in a mug, deodorant, and coral/volcanic rock necklace.

Then there's the worst headphones ever created, yet the only ones I can afford. The jumbled up wires are indeed Skull Candy 2XL earbuds. Despite being very cheap, they break every 2-5 months, often involving one of the earbuds (mainly the left) being totally uncooperative and just ceasing to produce sound.

My desktop: