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Here is a shortcuts (little blue arrows) you can download and install mods for darkcraft easily

1. download and Save the files in a folder anywhere on your computer (remember where you put it )
2. Run [1]magiclauncher
3. Click setup then add. navigate to where you put the files folder you saved the mods in
4. Add the mods you want to run by clicking add for each one you want to run
5. Enjoy
NOTE you have to launch minecraft with the magic launcher to take advantage of the mods

6. To run the macros mod an extra step is involved you have to have liteloader added in the magic launcher and add the macromods file into the  %appdata%.minecraft/mods folder and liteloader will load it when installed

magic launcher is cool and i will not go back to darkmod (updates take too long )

mods available: UPDATED 3/22/13
[2] optifine mc 1.5.1 100% (now forge compatable) (must be forge .600)
[3]rei's minimap 1.5 UPDATED 3/13/13
[4]modloader 1.5.1
[5]litemod 1.5.1 full version
[6]macro keybind 1.5.1 full release

[7] inv tweaks 1.5 UPDATED 3/13/13 will not work with modloader requires FORGE[8] TESTED WORKING
have fun

edit: totally awesome mod that has to be loaded by itself but worth it! WORLD DOWNLOADER
this allows you to save your creations or even the whole of darkcraft world (only saves chunks you visit) now you can load up randoms house in single-player and grief it! not as fun tho :( super easy to use just hit escape and click save world walk around the areas you want saved then hit escape and stop saving then load up the world in singleplayer enjoy


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