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These are the rules that you must abide by to use DarkCraft's services. If at any time you don't follow these rules, the DarkCraft Staff team has the authority to ban you from access to any or all of DarkCraft's services. These rules ensure fair game play for all players on DarkCraft, by breaking them you make the playing experience less enjoyable for all. Tweaks to this page are made constantly, check back often! Remember, your account, your responsibility; if your brother, friend, hacker, or whoever tied to your account gets you banned, it's your responsibility. There is no room for legalism on these rules, so don't expect to get off on a technicality; the intent of them is understandable, and if you don't understand one, contact a Moderator or Headmod. The below rules are for ALL of DarkCraft's Servers; each server has its own set of rules that are specific to it; see the section "Specific Servers" for more Information

Rules Summary

The rules are created on an as-needed basis, but we are supportive of a concise set of rules to follow; below is a summary of all our rules, and if you follow them, you will likely never run into trouble. Specific rules have been made over time, because people tried to take advantage of the simplicity in the past, so the "Minecraft" section is our rules spelled out specifically, but the summary is as follows:

  1. Play Legit
    • No cheats or using of exploits
  2. Respect Others
    • Property, beliefs, playing styles, and human dignity
    • No spam or starting drama of any kind
    • No harassment of any kind
  3. Respect the Server
    • Systems, plugins, administration, etc.
    • Do not advertise



  1. No taking advantage of bugs or exploits present in Minecraft or the server
    • Eg. Duping items, Xray machines (or other forms of exploits that allow you to know the content of what's underground/buried/etc.)
    • If a server plugin fails and allows you to do something you normally wouldn't be able to (like modify spawn or PVP), you are still not allowed to do so.
  2. No applying any mods to the game that give you an unfair advantage over others, or Minecraft's Vanilla game mechanics
    • Eg. Applying x-ray mods or fly mods. Essentially, no cheats!


These rules apply to any instances of DarkCraft's services, where members may converse, and convey their thoughts and opinions over the Internet.

  1. Spammers are not tolerated, you will be banned almost immediately. If you are muted, you are in no way allowed to bypass them in public chat.
    • This includes, but is not limited to using Caps Lock, repeated statements, chat flooding, and anything that is inherently annoying to the general public.
    • Do not threaten to quit DarkCraft if things don't go your way. We do not want anyone to leave, but making a fuss about it lowers the quality for other players.
  2. No bigotry of any kind is tolerated, this includes but is not limited to: slurs towards race, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual preference.
    • Many derogatory terms will result in an immediate ban. We understand it's fun to (but don't endorse) calling people names on the Internet, but think first: "would I say this in front of my mother?"
    • Symbols or expressions that are tied to bigoted or hateful groups may not be built or plastered around the server (i.e. Such as a Swastika). See the Page Banned Symbols for more information.
    • If something you are doing can reasonably be perceived by the public as intending an offensive meaning, regardless of intent, do not do it.
  3. Treat others with respect. You don't have to like someone, but it solely up to you and you alone whether you interact with them.
    • If you feel a Moderator can help, please don't hesitate to ask them. If the issue is about a Moderator, talk to the Head Moderator in private.
  4. No advertising -
    • We don't appreciate attempts to gain players for another server by using our services to advertise. We got our players honestly, you (or the server you're such a loyal member of) can too.
    • No advertising DarkCraft's services where you are not permitted to by their terms. It looks bad on us, and you risk facing whatever consequences received for doing so, we accept no responsibility
    • No advertising your products without permission by the Administrator
  5. If a Moderator asks you to do something or to stop doing something, then listen. If you feel that the Moderator is stepping out of line, contact a Headmod, but do not just blatantly ignore them.
  6. No inappropriate links (this includes but not limited to, illegal activities, sexual content, or anything of the like).
  7. Do not abuse the ticket system. It is for asking Moderators for help, not for making jokes or ranting.
    • This includes multiple tickets for the same thing; you can comment on a ticket if you need additional information by doing "/comment YourTicketNumber Your text here"
    • Multiple 'false' tickets not only are annoying, but can clutter with tickets that need to be dealt with. Only report if you need help.
      • A false ticket is considered a ticket made with random text or something that isn't an issue needing to be resolved with staff.
  8. If you are permanently banned, your items are automatically forfeited to the Server, for auctions. If you are permanently banned, you've proven to us that you can't handle having your items, so they will be auctioned for another user to have.
    • After being permanently banned, items can not be switched between users, no exceptions
    • If you share builds, items, etc. with another user(s), it is given to that user(s). If you are the sole owner, then it is given to the server.
    • Your iConomy account and Enderchest contents will be given to the server/server fund.Moved to Survival Rules
  9. Do not harvest a collection of ores and break them.
  10. Do not AFK at spawners and allow the mobs to accumulate. This can cause lag.
    • You can use auto-clickers to automatically kill mobs while AFK, but if they keep building up regardless, you may be kicked to prevent server lag (Less than 100 mobs is fine, but you run the risk of being kicked if it's higher).
    • If your "spawner" is actually just an area that takes spawning conditions into account (witch huts, wither spawners, dark rooms, etc.), you are allowed to go AFK without an auto-clicker, because mobs do not spawn indefinitely.
    • Regardless how many mobs have built up, if the server starts to lag, you may be kicked.
  11. Any skins that violates the above rules (ie Hitler, detailed nudity, etc.) is just as forbidden.
    • If there is a complaint about your skin, the staff will discuss it and make a decision as a group whether or not to allow it (Although Darq, then Headmods have the final say).
  12. Name tags should reflect the other rules of the server (ie no derogatory or offensive names, server IPs, etc.)
  13. Do not be a troublemaker.
    • DarkCraft is a friendly server, and if you develop a reputation as a habitual instigator, it will be addressed.
    • If there's an issue, take it to private chat; arguing in public just causes unnecessary conflict.
    • If you have a problem with the server, start a suggestion thread, but do not complain in public.
      • If there's a lag spike or you are lagging, do not announce it in public chat. Given the excessive amounts of server resources that we have allocated, it's very possible that it's your Internet or computer that's lagging, not the server, so there's no need to go and make the server look bad.
    • Trolling, especially by manipulation of the rules is not allowed; the final interpretation of these rules is left up to an Administrator.
  14. Excessive use of caps is frowned upon.
    • This can be considered "all caps messages" that aren't necessary at all. For instance, "WELCOME" when someone joins is fine, though "I JUST DIED GAH ZOMGGG" is not. You will be asked to stop, if your message is deemed to be inappropriate for the circumstances, and if it continues, you may be muted.
  15. When chatting and building, please keep in mind that we have players of all ages.
    • If what you're saying has made the Google Blacklist, then it probably shouldn't be said on here.
    • Gratuitous sexual remarks and "hard" swearing are forbidden in public chat.
    • If anyone asks you to quit making an inappropriate comment, comply. If you persist, you may be muted, and banned if you still don't stop.
  16. Feel free to showcase DarkCraft in Youtube videos, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. It is by no means against the rules to show DarkCraft on anything, but if you label it as an "official promotion," you must check with a Headmod or Administrator.
  17. Follow the Conflict Resolution procedure at all times, and never go over someone's head to complain about them.
  18. Remember that DarkCraft is a server for all ages and sexes; all chat, signs, and build designs should reflect this. For the safety and comfort of members, the following actions are strictly prohibited, even in private message:
    • Harassment and soliciting any players
    • Asking or suggesting to meet in real life or communicate in ways other than the DarkCraft chat
    • Explicit Chat

Mumble (voice chat)

  1. Connecting with anything other than your Minecraft name is grounds for banning, especially if any mischief occurs involving that username.

Specific Servers

Server Rules (Survival)

Server Rules (DarkSkies)

If you violate any rules of Darkcraft and are banned, all known alternate accounts of yours will be banned as well.